• May 2017
    I gave a radio interview about the RoboTutor that we develop with Interactive Robotics on Dutch Radio 1 “De Nieuws BV”. See Movie 1 and Movie 2 (in Dutch).


  • January 2017
    A nice video about some of the Human-Robot Interaction that we do at the TU Delft: HRI@TU Delft.




  • August 2016
    We have launched a start-up called Interactive Robotics. Its mission is to build interactive robots for all audiences!


  • July 2016
    I went to RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig to showcase our TRADR Search & Rescue robots. Also great to see some robot football in action. The field has made some impressive progress over the years, but still a long way to go to beat the human champions in 2050.



  • February 2015
    We are organising a workshop on Human-Robot Teaming at the HRI 2015 conference in Portland. The aim of the workshop is to explore theories, tools, and design methodologies that enable safe and effective human-robot teamwork.



  • September 2014
    I started working as a postdoc on the TRADR project at Delft University of Technology. The project is about developing human-robot teamwork for robot-assisted disaster response (industrial accidents, earthquakes etc).


  • March 2014
    Attending HRI 2014 in Bielefeld. It’s that time of the year again.



  • July 2013
    PhD thesis corrections accepted and final version submitted!



  • November 2012
    Survived the VIVA; corrections are pending.


  • October 2012
    Started working on the ALIZ-e project as a research fellow.


  • 17/08/2012
    Back in the Netherlands to finalise my PhD thesis.



  • 24/08/2011
    Will be attending the ICDL-EpiRob conference in Frankfurt. Should be an interesting conference, but not so sure about Frankfurt : -).


  • 07/07/2011
    Gave a talk at the AAALE workshop in Paris. We also took the iCub on this trip.



  • 28/05/2010
    Went to SW GRADschool in Buckland Hall in Wales. 4 Days of skills development, self-reflection, team building activities and superb vegetarian food. It was great!


  • 27/04/2010
    Back in Plymouth. It took a Turboprop to get here, but now it is business as usual.


  • 21/04/2010
    Extended my stay in the Netherlands a little bit due to the volcano-ash problem. Prognosis is that I will be flying back to the UK tomorrow. It’s up to the volcano god now…